Dark Moon Collection: Kundalini Gown Short Edition in Black

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The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. ~Alan Watts

Embrace the unknown in this elegant version of our Kundalini Gown Short Edition in Black.

Our Dark Moon Collection is releasing in 2017 and we currently have a few samples from the collection. The Kundalini Gown Short x Black is by far our favorite piece because it will quickly become your everyday item. A must have!! We only have 1 available now, get it while it's here!

This Short edition is shorter and lighter and perfect for the night out, pre or post yoga, at home meditation and for sacred ceremony. One size fits most. This one is also perfect for those shorter than 5'5-5'7. It is also perfect for those looking for a shorter version of the Kundalini Gown for the fall, winter or summer. It goes great with white jeans or white leggings, check out the #kundalinigown hashtag on instagram for inspirations.

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Please note: These garments are handmade using carefully selected yet delicate materials and they may have small imperfections and variations as they have their own stories on their path to you on your journey.

Please hand wash and handle with extra care.