La Luna Mama Botanical Oil - Full Moon Blend


Introducing the La Luna Mama Botanical FULL MOON BLEND:
Relaxing. Grounding. Uplifting. Day Blend.

Organic jojoba oil, organic essential oils of ylang ylang, orange, sandalwood and black pepper, infused with black tourmaline crystals.

FULL MOON oil dispels our fears and fatigue. She encourages us to accept what we cannot change and to open our hearts to infinite prosperity and abundance.

Quiet your mind and allow the power of FULL MOON to ground and uplift you.


Ylang Ylang: reduces stress, anxiety, depression, anger, balances breathing rate and heart function, helps with PMS.

Sandalwood: reduces tension, confusion, depression, anxiety, and eases daily hectic lifestyle, good for cardiovascular system, nourishes skin, concentration/meditation.

Sweet Orange: reduces anxiety, depression, induces relaxation, aids digestion, antiseptic Black Pepper:reduces fatigue and low energy, fosters courage when feeling stuck, strengthens nervous system, good for aches and pains and circulation

Black Tourmaline Crystal: combats negative energies, protects against EMF’s.

FULL MOON RITUAL: Use this oil for the week before and after the FULL MOON. Create FULL MOON intention around what you are releasing. Give thanks for all that has happened. Feast on fertile and rich foods that celebrate the goddess in her mother aspect. Anoint oil to temples, wrists, back of neck and ears.