Sat Nam Tantric Mala


Introducing "The Sat Nam Tantric Mala" in collaboration with @the_mala_art
Aquamarine, Clear Quartz, Pearl and silver
This is a mala perfect for the Teacher, and we are all teachers. Calm and pure of heart, see your own wisdom and truth and connect to higher realms.

The Aquamarine helps you to discover hidden meanings and makes you become aware of your own wisdom. After @linda_thorelli and I decided on this stone, I then realized that this stone is perfect for the thyroid and 5th chakra. I have been wearing it while leading my private sessions and teaching #MovingIntoGrace. It will help you see the truth and be the truth. It will inspire you to be of service.
The Pearl is the symbol of purity and innocence and clearing of negativity.

The Clear Quartz will enhance the characteristics of the other stones. Works as an amplifier. It will also open the heart and the mind to higher guidance.

Pure Sliver is the conductor of the moon energy. Cooling and magnetic.

Let the healing energy of all these stones bless your life.

The Mantra use to charge up this Mala is: Sat Nam - Truth is my identity
Will be placing these up on the website soon.
when we start to understand that we are the creativity of the creator everything you touch is gold. #kundaliniyoga #kundalinigown #SatNam #WhiteTantric #TantricMala